I Miss You Daddy!

September 28, 2017

When a child loses someone they love and feel close to, they are often experiencing overwhelming emotions they have never had before and they don’t know what to do with them. Many times the adults in their life are going through the same thing at the same time and don’t quite know how to best support the children around them when they themselves are in such need of support. Children like adults will heal from their grief if it is shared with others and not kept inside tucked away like a volcano hotly smoldering

I recently heard a young boy speak about his experience while participating in the Community Hospice Camp Erin of the Central Valley grief camp. Camper Luke as he was called talked about fond memories he had from camp. He spoke glowingly about the luminary ceremony, making memory pillows, starting new friendships and rock climbing. He talked about how grief makes your heart hurt but when you share it with others who also lost a loved one, it makes it easier to bare. In the end he said, “Grief reminds you of how much you love that person.”

Our lesson from Luke here is to talk and to share openly so we can get to the other side of the pain in a healthy way. Do it together!

Below is a touching poem written from a daughter for her father she lost…

I Miss You Daddy!
by Mary A. Henry
Dear God, I need to know why did you take him above?
His name is James Royce Henry, He is someone that I loved.
He was my Daddy, I was his little girl.
I miss him so much since he left our family.
It’s a horrible nightmare to be stricken with cancer,
There are so many questions no one can answer.
If I had one more chance, I’d hug him real tight.
I’d tell him I love him and kiss him good-bye.
This poem is not perfect it’s just how I feel.
I miss you Daddy, my pain is real.

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